Bloom in Wellness

This is our open group that has both members and non-members.

Positive Pastimes

This Positive Pastimes group is for our members to post the music, meditations, quotes, funny sitcom clips, books, movies, etc., that you use as healthy distractions, to get through the days. This is the sole purpose of the group. This group is trigger-free and feel-good.


In order to keep the Positive Pastimes group trigger-free, this Bootcamp group has been created for members to attend regular, scheduled live sessions. Each week we explore coping techniques and self-care tools and discuss how you can use them to live your best life, while you heal. At the end of each webinar we have a Question and Answer session.

Together We Heal

Together We Heal is a support group created for subscribers/members of Bloom in Wellness to discuss healing from benzodiazepines, antidepressants, z-drugs and other psych drugs, and all it entails, in a safe, responsible and respectful manner. The purpose of this group is to normalize and validate the withdrawal and recovery experience and to encourage each other to persevere and to expect healing. We do not want this group to negatively impact anyone’s experience as this contradicts the ethos of Bloom in Wellness.