The electromagnetic field, known as EMF, is a measurable type of energy that is found in the natural world, including the planet, plants, humans and animals, all of which have their own energy field. There is also a man-made energy field or artificial EMFs, which is a different and harmful type of EMF, interfering with our body’s healthy frequencies and changing our body’s naturally occurring frequencies, which causes unhealthy tissue and disease. Electromagnetic radiation is damaging to plants, animals and humans, causing a variety of health problems including immune dysregulation and insomnia.

There are many types of artificial EMFs around us and the higher the frequency, the greater the risk to our health. The impact of the radiation from EMFs can take from seconds to hours, years or decades, depending on the strength of the field, the particular frequency and the health of our body. Combined with excess stress, poor sleep, an unhealthy lifestyle and an unhealthy diet, electromagnetic radiation can pose health risks, especially when it is close to the body for extended periods. With technology permeating our lives, we are exposed to a constant overexposure of EMFs and RF (radio frequency) fields, which has brought on increased reports of sensitivities including symptoms like headaches, lack of concentration, tingling or prickling sensation across the face or other parts of the body, aches and pains in muscles and joints, heart palpitations, nausea, electrical currents in the body and many more.

The electrical power supplies and electrical appliances found in our homes are the most common sources of low frequency electric and magnetic fields in our living environment. Many homes today are filled with electrical appliances, some of which are often left to run all day, and these sources can layer upon each other, creating a harmful level of radiation in our homes. Found in several homes and offices, microwave ovens produce very high frequency radiation that poses a significant health risk, particularly when the seals on the doors begin to fail, increasing exposure to dangerous waves that can damage human cells and tissue.

Some of the biggest sources of high frequency electromagnetic radiation come from microwaves, mobile/cellular phones, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, smart meters, phone towers and power lines. Studies have shown that mobile/cell phones that are held close to the head cause brain wave changes in 70% of people, with 20 – 80% of the radiation penetrating up to two inches in the adult brain and even deeper in children’s brains. High levels of radiation from computers have been known to cause arthritic pain in fingers and the use of laptops on the lap has been connected to male infertility. Wi-Fi routers, and other wireless devices, give off EMFs that can pass through walls, therefore exposing us to radiation from other wireless networks in neighbouring homes. Wi-Fi signals can create chronic sleep problems, interfering with sleep patterns and making it more difficult to fall asleep. Wireless Smart Meters, which are rapidly replacing traditional electromechanical meters, radiate microwaves that can be dangerous to our health, with many people complaining of unexplained health issues and irregular symptoms following their installation.

What steps can you take?

Whilst it can very challenging to live in this world without having any exposure to EMFs and RFs, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the heavy exposure in our homes and lives. If concerned about EMF related health problems, an EMF detector can be used to find EMF and wireless radiation in the home, reducing them to a limited and minimal exposure. Following are a few suggestions for reducing electromagnetic radiation in your home:

  • Remove the microwave oven from your home if possible, or stand clear when in use
  • Opt out of having a smart meter attached to your home. If this is not possible, invest in having either a Smart Meter Guard or a Smart Meter Block installed to reduce the radiation.

Alternatively, make your own meter shield!

  • Avoid keeping mobile/cell phones, laptops and tablets close to your body
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi when going to bed at night or when not in use
  • Put your phone into ‘airplane’ mode when not in use and particularly when in cars, planes and trains as the RF waves will be reflected back at you, increasing the EMF radiation
  • Replace wireless home phones with corded phones
  • Use the speaker phone, a wired headset, or preferably a tubed headset for your phone and avoid putting the phone against your head at any time
  • Use an external keyboard for your computer
  • Download music or videos instead of streaming them
  • Use a hardwire connection instead of a wireless connection. If possible, eliminate wireless connections in your home
  • Reduce electrical appliances in your home and switch off when not in use. Remove televisions from the bedrooms and do not sleep with any electrical device in your bedroom
  • If possible, avoid living near broadcast and mobile/cell towers
  • Move furniture away from EMF ‘hotspots’
  • Consider using an EMF filter in your home/workplace
  • Use Grounding/Earthing – by grounding yourself on a daily basis, the bioelectrical circuitry in your body will be stabilised, reducing inflammation and harmonising the basic biological rhythms. Using a chair to sit on is helpful for those who are unable to walk barefoot on the grass due to health or foot issues. For anyone with health issues, it is important to try and connect with the Earth two or three times a day.

Tina Sayer, Contributing Editor

Tina is a Wellness and Parenting Coach, writer and poet. Apart from her coaching, she delivers motivational speeches and workshops on Wellness and Parenting. She is passionate about healthy living and caring for our animals and planet. Much of her spare time is spent in nature with her dogs, and as a mother and nurturer. Tina has been a loyal volunteer with the Recovery Road Support Project for many years and is now a Contributing Editor to Bloom in Wellness.