As a member of Bloom in Wellness, you will:

  • find good information and resources in the Withdrawal Help section, including videos, detailed descriptions of symptoms and guidance for family members providing support,
  • have access to our Support Helpline where you can check-in, talk about your withdrawal and the things that concern you, and be listened to and validated,
  • receive a daily message of encouragement straight to your email inbox, first thing every morning,
  • be a part of the private Positive Pastimes community on Facebook where we have a good time sharing healthy distractions,
  • be able to discuss symptoms and how best to cope by participating in our weekly live webinars and Q and A sessions via the Bloom in Wellness Bootcamp group,
  • have access to the Wellness section which is the place for you if you have recovered from withdrawal and are interested in healthy living or you have a chronic illness and want to live your best life,
  • and have access to the Self-Care and Nurturing section which is for both those currently affected by withdrawal and those who are healed and offers techniques and self-care tools.

Membership of this website costs £5 per week or £20 per month.

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