In this section we have techniques and strategies for caring for yourself during your healing journey and in maintaining wellness and living your best life.

Not everything shared here will resonate or be suited to you but through trial and error you should be able to find a few safe and  reliable methods which help you to manage your symptoms. Remember, too, that there are many other resources available on the Internet so sift through and see what else you can add to your toolbox.

For those of you experiencing withdrawal or other conditions where cognition is affected, there are a few important points I would like to make: Depending on how severe your symptoms are, it can be challenging to focus long enough to learn something new. Also, if you are feeling emotionally and mentally fragile or feeling raw, exposed and vulnerable, some techniques may be too emotive. If this is the case, please be cautious and use the simplest and most appropriate ones until you are more grounded.

Remember that your emotional safety is most important at this time. So if you live alone and are unsupported, or if you are experiencing intense depersonalization, derealization, adrenaline surges, feelings of impending doom, distorted auditory, visual or tactile perception, organic fear or other psychological withdrawal symptoms, it is best to just try a simple breathing practice instead.

If you plan on attempting a new technique which requires a consultation, please ensure that it is with a qualified, licensed practitioner and that you have safe and adequate support.

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