self-compassion-imageWelcome to our Self-Compassion Course!

This course will be particularly useful to you if:

– you want to be loving towards yourself, including when you are feeling difficult emotions or physical pain,

– you want to be tolerant and accepting of your flaws and imperfections,

– you want to be gentle with yourself and motivate yourself with encouragement, rather than criticize yourself or dwell on your perceived mistakes,

– you want to stop being so hard on yourself. You want to overcome feelings of inadequacy and guilt – of feeling that you aren’t “doing it right” or that you are a failure,

– you want to be understanding and patient with yourself and with any aspects of your personality that you may not like,

– you want to be kind to yourself when times are difficult and when you are experiencing suffering,

– and you want to transform difficult relationships through your compassion for yourself and by tapping in to your ability to nurture yourself.

Below are the links to the weekly lessons.

I hope that you will benefit from this course and that it will be the beginning of a wonderful and healing journey to self-love and self-compassion.