symptomsIn this section I will first talk about the importance of normalizing the symptoms and of acceptance, then you will find an A to Z list of symptoms as well as descriptions of the most common ones. Before you begin going through the list, I must ask you to please do not anticipate that you are going to have most or all of these symptoms. It is highly unlikely that you will.

If you are yet to taper or if you are just starting your taper, I would recommend that you wait until a symptom surfaces and then check here, only for the purpose of normalizing what is happening and to get tips on coping.

Also, it would be best to not visit this section often and again, to not go through the whole list.  Just go directly to the section with the first letter of your symptom and check to see if yours is listed.

I often find that people spend so much time analyzing symptoms, comparing notes and getting sucked into the “What if..?” downward spiral, when trying to make sense of their withdrawal reactions. This does not help with coping. Withdrawal is too complex and so whatever you conclude will only be speculation. It does not accelerate the recovery process and all it does instead is increase anxiety and cause unnecessary worry.

The information in this section will be useful for anyone discontinuing antidepressants, benzodiazepines and Z-drugs, since they can result in very similar symptoms.  Again, as you read and listen, please remember that the recovery process is unique and you are not likely to have many or most of these symptoms. If you do, they may appear in ‘clusters’ and last for very short periods.

The list is anecdotal and has been compiled from reports taken from 2006 to 2016. Here are easy links to the rest of this section: