Could you benefit from passing the time in a safe space that offers support, encouragement, and responsibly considered information and guidance?

Or maybe you are looking for a counseling or coaching relationship where the total focus is on you, what your needs are, and what will help you to achieve them?

This is what you will find at Bloom in Wellness… A  reassuring and calm oasis where you can spend quality time while you heal.

You can choose to join our community for a monthly fee of US$14.95 and enjoy all the membership benefits on offer, including a wealth of coping and self-care tools, daily interaction and support from Baylissa, and connecting with other members through our private Facebook group.

Or if you are interested in having coaching sessions, a withdrawal support consultation, or counseling therapy, you can be empowered to overcome the challenges and issues you are facing. (These sessions are also available to non-members.)

Whatever your needs are, the resources here will help you to fulfil them, and if there is anything more that I can do for you, please let me know.

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